Learning never stops: Study at KIT in 2021!


The Covid-19 pandemic has made us acutely aware that we are all connected and strong health systems are of utmost importance. We have seen how already stretched healthcare systems in many countries have been facing challenges to deliver basic services. This highlights the need for well-trained public and global health professionals, now, more than ever.

At KIT, we are more committed than ever to empower a new set of global health leaders on their professional journey. We are equipping them to better face new and existing health challenges and doing everything we can to make sure that learning never stops.

Safe Learning environment

In class teaching at KIT is following all necessary measures to ensure everyone’s safety. Classes are given in smaller groups to maintain the 1,5 m distance. If the situation does not allow for face-to-face classes, we will revert to online teaching.
KIT Royal Tropical Institute is closely adhering to the regulations from the Dutch authorities, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health (RIVM) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). (See our FAQ page Covid-19 information for prospective students)

Please find below a selection of our upcoming courses and scholarship opportunities available in 2021.  

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