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KIT Live to be home base for Orange Theatre Company 

Word is out: the former Tropentheater of KIT returns to the city of Amsterdam as ‘KIT Live’, with the Orange Theater Company (OTC) as one of the regular players!


Great interview in Het Parool with Sairah Erens and Elyse O’Shaughnessey of the Orange Theatre Company, an English language company that will soon have its own stage in the theatre of KIT. The company’s youth group already practices every weekend in the KIT building. The theatre is currently being renovated.

Treasure trove

“Erens and O’Shaughnessey enter a renovated corridor from the freshly refurbished KIT Café. Four swinging doors adjoin the café, leading to a theater hall that has not been used for years. It’s like discovering a forgotten treasure trove. A triangular stage stands proudly in front of 180 dusty chairs. It won’t be long before this venue will join the 85 other stages in the city, and the Orange Theater Company will become a regular player.”

Read the full interview with Sairah and Elyse in Het Parool.