New website launched to share knowledge on sustainable cocoa


6 March 2013

CocoaCONNECT, a website to share, meet and learn about sustainable cocoa, was launched last month at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam. Cocoa CONNECT helps to put knowledge that contributes to sustainable cocoa into the public domain, making it accessible for everyone. KIT will facilitate exchange and learning on the website.

Growing the market share of sustainable cocoa

Currently, only 10% of chocolate in the Netherlands is sustainable. But demand for cocoa products is growing and the global cocoa supply is at risk. A sustainable cocoa economy requires that farmers earn enough income through cocoa production. But how can we achieve this goal?

Working towards a sustainable cocoa supply chain

Achieving a fully sustainable cocoa chain, from production to consumption, starts at the level of knowledge: identifying the right questions, sharing and learning together. Cocoa CONNECT will help in finding answers to a range of questions, such as how to incentivize sustainable cocoa production or how to improve the position of women in the cocoa chain. The platform also functions as a resource for finding recent academic and practical publications, training materials or examples of good agricultural practice.

CocoaCONNECT: knowledge portal and meeting place

Above all, CocoaCONNECT is a place to meet others with expertise and passion for sustainability in the cocoa chain. You are encouraged to register so that you can find experts, and others can find you. Participate and join in discussions, and share your knowledge so we can learn together.

During a conference at KIT on Friday 8 March on how single origin and fine or flavor cocoa can be used as an instrument to promote sustainable cocoa, the CocoaCONNECT knowledge portal will also be presented. This conference is part of the Chocoa Festival taking place in Amsterdam from 8 – 11 March.

CocoaCoNNECT is owned by the Dutch ChocoWorkGroup Sustainable Cocoa and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. KIT facilitates exchange and learning on the platform.

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