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KIT launches new brands

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KIT Institute, KIT Live, KIT Events: these are some of the new brand names we are proud to present. 

The brands form a family with the parent brand being simply KIT. The new brands match the expansion of our activities.

KIT has changed considerably in recent years. We are no longer predominantly a knowledge institute but also a sought-after conference and business location with our own hotel, a dance and music studio for youth from the neighbourhood, as well as a theatre that will open later this year. Our monumental building in Amsterdam now employs more than 1,000 people and welcomes as many guests almost every day.

“Scientists from our KIT Institute, entrepreneurs who rent office space here, students from all over the world, local residents in our new KIT Café: I know of no workplace where you meet such a diverse group of people every day,” says Henri van Eeghen, CEO of KIT. “What binds us to KIT is that we all, each in our own way, work towards an inclusive and sustainable world, here in our own neighbourhood and internationally,” says van Eeghen.

Brand family brings ‘unity in diversity’

“We are a purpose driven organisation that aims to contribute to inclusion and sustainability. That is what KIT stands for; it is the hallmark of all our activities, however diverse they may be” says Maarten van den Berg, Director of Marketing Communications at KIT. “The new brand family brings us ‘unity in diversity’: each of our activities has its own recognisable identity, while still making it immediately visible that they all contribute to the same goal.”

With the introduction of KIT and the new brand family, ‘Tropical’ disappears from KIT’s name. Over the years, we have expanded our work beyond the tropics alone. In addition, the word ‘tropical’ is increasingly synonymous with ‘exotic’, which does not fit the work we do.

We have developed our new brand names and accompanying new identity in collaboration with Havas Lemz, a creative agency based in Amsterdam.

About KIT and the brand family

KIT is a knowledge institute, business venue and conference centre with a mission: to work towards an inclusive and sustainable world. At our campus in Amsterdam East and through our global partner network, we empower people and communities to bring about positive change.

KIT Institute is the new name we use for our knowledge institute. The work of our experts focuses on global health, gender and sustainable economic development. KIT Institute offers various courses, including the new Master’s in Public Health and Health Equity.

Our landmark building is a sought-after office location. We share our building with more than 70 companies and organisations who strive for an inclusive and sustainable world. More than 1,000 people work here and there are as many guests every day. Part of the building is available for conferences and events provided by our hospitality company KIT Events.

The campus also houses KIT Hotel, which is currently being renovated, and KIT Live: a new stage for art and culture in Amsterdam East. KIT Live consists of two dance and music studios, a theatre hall, a podcast studio, and KIT Café: a coffee and lunch venue open six days a week, Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm. 

The renovation of the theatre and furnishing of the podcast studio are still in progress. These are expected to open in September this year.

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