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Lindy van Vliet leaves KIT

Lindy van Vliet will leave KIT at the end of this month. Lindy, who has led KIT’s Global Health knowledge work since 2016, is looking for a new challenge. 

“The past seven years have flown by. With great pleasure I have devoted myself to the fantastic research, advisory and education work that is being done here at KIT” says Lindy. “I am grateful to have witnessed the power of knowledge in action and to have worked with so many exceptionally talented and passionate people from all over the world at KIT and in our partner network. Really, it’s the best job there is! But it is time for me to challenge myself in new ways. I am deliberately creating some room to reflect on how I want to engage my leadership in achieving the SDGs in the coming years: 2030 is only another seven years away! Since you are all in support of this agenda, I am sure we will meet again. Thanks so much for the collaboration and let us stay in touch through LinkedIn”.  

“Lindy has strengthened the reputation and relevance not just of KIT’s Global Health work with her leadership, substantive involvement and unbridled enthusiasm, but of the Institute’s knowledge work at large as well as contributing to the overall strategy of KIT,” says KIT CEO Henri van Eeghen. “I think many of us will remember her enormous effort around last year’s successful Power of Knowledge event especially.  As for me, I will miss her collegiality, ability to build bridges and keeping us sharp and on course. We are going to miss her sorely”. Lindy’s duties will be temporarily taken over Peter Gildemacher as we are looking for a new Knowledge Director.