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Working Towards Responsible Hospitality

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At KIT hospitality, sustainability lies at the heart of our mission and is the guiding principle in all our work. Every year we strive to become more sustainable, and we are always looking for new ways to improve.

As our work is guided by the SDGs, we know that sustainability is not only about taking care of the environment but also about taking care of people. One of the most important areas we work on is the sustainable sourcing of the materials we use and the products we sell. It is important that our suppliers are actively working to make their products more sustainable and treating their workers properly.

The coffee and cookies we serve

For example, the coffee we serve is produced by a company whose goal is to ensure that more of the profits made from coffee stays in countries where the coffee is grown. They do so by directly working with coffee farmers in countries like Ethiopia and paying them a fairer price for their coffee. And, where most coffee companies roast and pack their beans in Europe or America, they do it in the country of origin.

The cookies we serve with our coffee are supplied by a bakery that doesn’t use artificial additives nor palm oil. And maybe even more importantly, like us, they offer people who find it hard to get into the labour market jobs in their bakeries. They offer them training, helping them to find their hidden talents while providing a nurturing environment where they can grow both professionally and personally.

Vegan and vegetarian

We have added more vegan and vegetarian options to our banqueting menus, and where we still offer meat, we work with a supplier that gets their meat from small farmers for whom animal welfare is of the highest priority.

At KIT Hospitality, we see sustainability as a journey, and we move further along this path with each passing year. This way, we continue to be a place that is good for events and where events do good