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Lees meer over wat wij doen op het gebied van Gendergelijkheid, Mondiale Gezondheid en Duurzame Economische ontwikkeling op onze engelstalige website:

Onze thema's

Zie hieronder de verwijzingen naar onze thema’s op onze engelstalige website.

  • Gender Equality

    At KIT Institute, our gender specialists help you make sense of gender for your organisation and development programmes. Together, we maximise the impact of your gender interventions and bring positive and equitable change to people’s everyday lives.

  • Global Health

    KIT Institute envisions a world where everyone can realise their full health potential. Health around the world is improving, but large groups of people are being left behind. We focus on empowering people and strengthening health systems, with a particular focus on developing countries.

  • Sustainable Economic Development

    As a knowledge institute, KIT l Institute compiles, analyses and develops new knowledge on sustainable economic development.