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Het KIT Instituut helpt gezondheidsprofessionals met de kennis die nodig is om uitdagingen op het gebied van mondiale volksgezondheid aan te pakken. Wij bieden masterprogramma’s en cursussen aan op onze trainingslocaties in Amsterdam en via e-learning. Daarnaast verzorgen we regionale en op maat gemaakte trainingsprogramma’s over de hele wereld.

Onze trainingsprogramma’s spelen in op actuele mondiale ontwikkelingen op het gebied van gezondheid. De cursussen van het KIT staan bekend om hun praktische toepasbaarheid, hun multidisciplinaire aanpak en de interactieve, participatieve trainingsmethoden. Ga voor meer informatie over deze programma’s naar onze engelstalige website.


Zie hieronder de verwijzingen naar onze masterprogramma’s op onze engelstalige website:

  • Master of Science in Public Health and Health Equity

    The Master of Public Health and Health Equity (MPH-HE) is a mid-career Master of Science programme, organised by KIT Institute and the VU University Amsterdam. It is meant for professionals working in health service delivery or health management, in national health systems or international organisations.

  • Core Course in Public Health and Health Equity

    The Core Course in Public Health and Health Equity is a three-month course that prepares you to systematically analyse and address complex public health issues, covering epidemiology, health system aspects, and broader social determinants of health. The course focuses on health equity in low-resource settings and high-resource settings with disadvantaged populations. It can be taken as a stand-alone course or as part of the Master of Science in Public Health and Health Equity.


Zie hieronder de verwijzingen naar onze cursussen op onze engelstalige website:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation in a dynamic health environment

    This advanced practitioners’ course equips participants with up-to-date knowledge and state-of-the-art monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools enabling them to answer such questions as: What models, frameworks and tools are suitable for a specific evaluation? How to balance the perspectives of different stakeholders?

  • Analysing Disrupted Health Systems

    If you are a health professional working in or with countries in crisis, working as health personnel in government institutions, NGOs, UN agencies and humanitarian organisations or as an independent consultant, then this course is intended for you.

  • Netherlands Course on Global Health and Tropical Medicine

    The Netherlands Course on Global Health and Tropical Medicine or Nederlandse Tropen Cursus (NTC) provides essential preparation for medical doctors, nurses, midwives and public health professionals planning to work in low- and middle-income countries and/or with marginalised communities.

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Global Health

    This course trains health professionals with the essential skills to map and analyze routinely collected health data. In this training you will learn what data and methods are used to detect areas of high disease risk and to compare these with geographic patterns of health service delivery.