Aquaculture and inclusive economic growth in Cambodia and Zambia


This project examined the ways in which aquaculture value chains can contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic growth in Zambia and Cambodia. KIT Royal Tropical conducted two studies as part of the VCA4D project, commissioned by the European Union and implemented by Agrinatura.

Aquaculture value chains: finding opportunities for smart & sustainable investment

KIT’s two studies support the EU commitment to develop value chains that benefit the poor by creating decent jobs and adding value to local and global markets. The overall aim of the VCA4D project is to inform decision makers on smart investments in agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture value chains by generating quantitative data and evidence-based indicators on the sustainability of these value chains from an economic, social and environmental perspective. KIT’s role focused on generating the economic evidence base for aquaculture value chains specifically, while providing overall leadership to the multi-disciplinary teams.

Read the Cambodia analysis

Read the Zambia analysis

Our economic analysis used indicators such as:

  • total value added;
  • micro-level indicators, such as financial viability and profitability for each of the value chain actors, and the distribution of value added among value chain actors; and
  • macro-level indicators, including employment generation, balance of trade, impact on public finance, and competitiveness.

In addition, the social sustainability analysis scored aquaculture value chains according to six different domains. The environmental sustainability analysis leveraged a Life Cycle Assessment. The three analyses (economic, social and environmental) were preceded by a functional analysis that mapped the value chain and generated new understanding of the main technical features and governance of the aquaculture value chains in Cambodia and Zambia. Information from the analyses is now being used by the European delegations to guide investments in the aquaculture sector in the two countries.