Creating a Gender Strategy in Agricultural Training


KIT is working with multiple partners to support Holeta Agricultural College in Ethiopia. The project delivers training in the field of commercial agriculture with the development of a gender strategy as an integral part.

Supporting with expertise

We have been working with Holeta’s stakeholders to provide gender and agricultural training, creating a case example that will be a reference for the 25 other Agricultural, Technical, and Vocational Education Training (ATVET) colleges in Ethiopia.

The project aims to help the college – its management, teachers and students – to become an example institute for high quality education and training in commercial agriculture.

Specialists support the integration of gender concerns in curriculum development, labour market relations and outreach activities. The assessment and strategy also address internal organisational processes and procedures, and pay attention to the position, performance and leadership of female staff and students.

The project involves:

  • capacity building & coaching
  • gender institutional assessment
  • implementation of a gender strategy by gender specialists
  • integration of gender in labour market assessments & outreach strategies

To date, a gender assessment, and stakeholder consultations have been conducted in the college regarding the need for a gender strategy. A gender infrastructure – including the appointment of a gender specialist – is being assembled and supported with coaching.