Documenting lessons learned for Belgium Development Agency


KIT Royal Tropical Institute — through a five-year framework contract — provides support to document experiences and lessons learned from Belgium Development Agency (BTC) projects and programmes worldwide. Our support contributes to individual and organisational learning at BTC and its partners. It also increases the visibility of BTC projects and lends further credibility to the organisation as a whole.

Customised methods for bilateral programmes

KIT facilitates documentation of experiences and lessons from BTC bilateral programmes in the following sectors: Health, Governance, Education, Agriculture and Rural Development, and Infrastructure.

Each project uses a unique mix of qualitative and participatory methods such as:

  • data collection by KIT and/or  local practitioners
  • distance coaching by KIT experts
  • supporting local practitioners in data analysis
  • writing workshops and trainings, and
  • expert meetings.

So far experiences from more than 15 projects in Rwanda, Benin, Vietnam, Ecuador, Burundi and Uganda, have been documented, mainly covering agriculture, health and infrastructure. Each process leads to a number of different communication outputs — i.e. books, reports, case studies, policy briefs, etc. These are developed to ensure the appropriate level of analysis and documentation and targeted dissemination. For example, a series of 12 policy briefs on local governance in Burundi has been developed. Another appreciated publication is a comparative analysis of urban development projects in Uganda and Vietnam.