CIMMYT Gender Capacity Strengthening Programme


This programme aimed to shape the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center – or CIMMYT – into a gender-responsive research and learning institution. It equipped staff with skills to conduct gender-responsive research to improve agricultural productivity, food security, and research-for-development outcomes for women and men farmers.

250 staff trained

KIT developed a six-module training programme for CIMMYT researchers and managers to support the design and implementation of gender-responsive agriculture research for development. The KIT team delivered a multi-day training  to 250 CIMMYT research and programme staff in seven county offices.

Topics included

  • Primer to Gender-responsive Research in AR4D
  • Addressing Gender Issues in the Workplace
  • Engendering Theory of Change
  • Gender-responsive Indicators
  • Applying Gender Analysis in Wheat and Maize Research
  • Leading for Gender Equality
  • Gender Training for Senior Managers

For this assignment, KIT reviewed, adapted and revised CIMMYT’s initial curricula for its Gender Capacity Strengthening Programme. We developed a conceptual framework of gender in agriculture research for development. And we adopted a multi-faceted, adult-centred learning approach that draws on CIMMYT experiences with integrating gender in agriculture research for development.


The project increased the capacity of CIMMYT staff to design and implement gender-responsive agriculture research for development so that its technologies address the needs of both women and men farmers and that they benefit both equally.

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