Global Capacity Building Programme for Plan International


The project created innovative, results-based, and effective models of gender equality programming and practice for Plan International, an organisation that empowers girls and boys to recognise and realise their rights.

Gender rights at the forefront of practice

KIT designed and delivered a global gender and rights capacity building programme that:

  • strengthened gender awareness and commitment of Plan staff
  • developed a shared understanding across Plan of the linkages between gender equality, human rights and Plan’s child-centred approach to addressing child poverty
  • equipped Plan staff with the knowledge and skills to understand gender differences and inequalities in the context of their work and to plan and implement policies, programmes and projects that actively promote gender equality
  • enabled gender analysis to become an integral part of country strategic planning, as well as programme design, implementation, mentoring & evaluation and institutional learning.

The programme had seven components:

  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Operational Tool Kit
  • Gender Training Programme
  • Global Training of Trainer
  • Regional Training of Trainers
  • Introductory Gender Session
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Strengthening capacity, creating knowledge resources

The project strengthened the capacity of a global working group of gender specialists – as well as three regional working groups of Plan national staff – to analyse child rights from a gender perspective and address the rights of boys and girls in Plan policy and programmes. The programme KIT developed for Plan International lay the foundation for Planting Equality, Plan’s global staff professional development platform, the Plan Academy.