IDEAL – Inclusive Decisions at Local Level


In fragile states, there is often a significant gap between what the state can deliver and what the citizens need or expect. The participation of citizens contributes to inclusive decision-making. It improves local governance and the delivery of basic services, makes local governance more sustainable and increases welfare and stability.

Inclusive Decision at Local Level (IDEAL) is a programme implemented by VNG International (VNG-I) which supports local governments in building bridges with all their citizens and allows them to better cope with fragility and its associated risk.

IDEAL is a programme implemented in seven countries facing fragility or conflict: Burundi, Mali, Palestine, Rwanda, Somaliland, South Sudan and Uganda.

Local governments play a key role in supporting the resilience of their communities against instability and fragility. The basic services local governments provide and the policies they develop have a direct effect on the lives of citizens. IDEAL works on involving citizens, including in particular marginalised groups, in local decision-making in order to ensure their needs and opinions are reflected. This will in first instance improve local governance and the quality of basic services, and in the long-term increase security, reduce poverty, and lead to sustainable social and economic development.