Professional Development Programme for Gender Trainers


KIT Royal Tropical Institute and the UN Women Training Centre established the certificate Professional Development Programme for Gender Trainers (PDPGT) in a response to the growing need for gender capacity strengthening and the absence of formal professional development of gender trainers.

The programme is the first of its kind

The PDPGT aims to reposition training as a feminist-knowledge process to challenge and engender mainstream development and support the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Participants engage in professional development courses over a six-month period, both in person and virtually, which covers three domains of knowledge and capacities:

  • Conceptual Depth and Clarity
  • Feminist Practices
  • Training Skills and Methods.
  • The curriculum is based on KIT’s 20 years of experience in gender training, critical gender training reviews and evaluations as well as our publishing and convening efforts on gender training as a transformatory process. The content is co-designed with renowned gender experts and participants and is based on empirical studies of gender trainers and training.

    A diverse group of participants 

    In 2018, all 25 participants, drawn from over 250 applications from over 35 countries, completed their professional development journey. Over 30 participants have registered for the 2018/2019 offering.