Promoting Sustainable Private Sector Development in Rwanda


KIT, at the request of the Dutch Embassy in Kigali, conducted research into the Rwandan agricultural value chains with the strongest market potential. Interventions, with a focus on the private sector, were suggested and implemented in order to encourage growth and sustainability.

Stimulating private sector growth through selection and analysis

Rwanda’s economy is based mainly on its rapidly growing agricultural sector. This relies heavily on private sector development. To promote the private sector’s role we first assessed nine pre-defined value chains and selected three: maize, Irish potatoes, and vegetables.

An in-depth analysis of these key value chains was then conducted through interviews with resource personnel from the private and public sector.

We proceeded based on the potential for economic development, the prospect of improving food and nutrition security, and market potential and competition. The project involved:

  • supporting private investment by identifying opportunities
  • strengthening business development services (e.g. financial services)
  • identifying priority actions for the public sector
  • promoting an enabling environment (e.g. policy dialogue), and
  • enhancing knowledge management (e.g. learning and innovation).

Thus far, collaborative interventions have been proposed and several implemented around the selected value chains – e.g. the Agri-Sector Development Facility. The research has been included in the Dutch Embassy’s Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP 2012-2015).