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SRHR, Sexuality and Gender Training in Bangladesh


This project aims to strengthen education and training on gender and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in Bangladesh. One specific objective is the development, piloting and fine tuning of flagship courses on SRHR, sexuality and gender at the Centre for Gender and SRHR of the James P. Grant School of Public Health (JPGSPH) at BRAC University.

Vocational training to promote SRHR

Most capacity building on health, population and education services in Bangladesh is medically-oriented and focused on reproduction. Vocational training of health staff and frontline workers on gender, sexuality and human rights is meanwhile substandard. These projects support the development of both TVET and academic courses on SRHR, sexuality and gender.

In collaboration with CREA, KIT is supporting the design and piloting of two flagship courses on SRHR, sexuality and gender. These courses aim to connect theory and practice, and to promote a sexuality, gender and rights perspective on SRHR issues in Bangladesh.

They are designed both for those engaged in strategy and policy making, and lobby and advocacy at a national, regional or international level, as well as practitioners and frontline workers in Bangladesh.