Strengthening HRH Planning and Management in Moldova


Moldova faces an enormous emigration of health professionals especially to the EU and US. The Moldovan Ministry of Health and the Observatory for Human Resources for Health (HRH) therefore approached KIT to help them improve human resource management skills in order to motivate health workers to remain in Moldova.

Training to Remain

KIT examined the training received by health facility managers and established a human resource management training scheme. We also assisted the Observatory for HRH to improve their situational analysis.

Together we identified the various stakeholders and governmental policy and legal factors that could improve the situation. We looked for bilateral agreements between concerned institutions that would help stem the tide of migration among health workers.

Finally and most importantly we conducted a mixed method study into why so many Moldovan health professionals migrate, and why they remain abroad.

The Health of the Nation

In 2014 we hope to implement training schemes for health facility managers. The result of the migration study will be discussed with policy makers, professional associations and other important partners.

The practical application of this knowledge and training will make it possible to form sound retention strategies and to stimulate circular migration so that expatriated Moldovan health professionals can once again contribute to the health of the nation.