Strengthening Legal Education in Eastern Indonesia


Legal education is key to promoting the rule of law. Law faculties need to teach their students to find solutions to legal problems which promote legal certainty and justice. The Strengthening Legal Education in Eastern Indonesia (SLEEI) project is supporting four universities in Eastern Indonesia to implement changes in what they teach to law students and how it is taught.

The SLEEI project is working with the University of Mataram, Wira Wacana Christian University in Waingapu, Artha Wacana Christian University in Kupang and the University of Pattimura in Ambon to create and implement a new framework for course development and teaching methods.

Better-qualified graduates

The framework is designed to lead to better-qualified graduates, who will not only have more of the legal skills the labour market requires, but will also be aware of the context, ethics and gender aspects of the issues they will deal with in their professional lives.

The geographical focus of the project is on Eastern Indonesia, where few law faculties have had the opportunity for international cooperation.

Improving legal education

Using a ‘training of trainers’ approach, Indonesian and Dutch experts will provide focused staff training in improving legal education and facilitating joint-learning processes. The results will not only be applied within the selected universities but also shared to reach and benefit as wide an audience as possible.