Supporting Universal Health Coverage in Zimbabwe


KIT is supporting universal health coverage (UHC) in Zimbabwe by defining and costing the essential health benefit package and providing appropriate health financing options. This work supports local decision- and policy-makers to strengthen a healthcare system that serves millions of Zimbabweans.

Together with UNICEF Zimbabwe, KIT has worked closely with the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare (MoHCW) to define the essential services to be provided as part of a future health benefit package.

The improving economic conditions in Zimbabwe mean that it is now ready to introduce Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and KIT is supporting the policy development through two projects.

One project defines, validates and costs a package of health services that will be offered universally at all health facilities in the country, providing the backbone for universal health coverage. The second investigates options for financing by looking at best practices in other African countries. The outcome of these projects will provide evidence on options for adequate and equitable health financing of essential health coverage in Zimbabwe.