Sustainable Sourcing of Peanuts from Local Communities in Bolivia for European Export Markets


In 2008 KIT was approached by the Dutch-German company Intersnack to assist in the sustainable sourcing of peanuts in Bolivia. KIT helped the Bolivian company Agritrade to establish a subsidiary Agrinut  in order to promote the sustainable production and export of Bolivian peanuts.

Nuts not beans

Peanuts originate from Bolivia and there are still many unique varieties. This diversity is being marketed as contrast to the mono-variety peanuts from the US and for good reason: Bolivian peanuts are considered to have excellent taste.

KIT helped Agritrade develop the business plan for Bolivian peanut export, and also facilitated foreign investments. A KIT staff member was seconded to the company for 18 months to help implement the sustainable procurement and corporate social responsibility policies. The  impact on local communities was also monitored and assessed.

A new beginning for Bolivian farmers

Agrinuts has developed a stable business relationship with Intersnack. Local communities have benefited from education in – and application of – agricultural best practice, higher prices compared to domestic markets, and access to a secure and stable European market.