The Annona Sustainable Investment Fund


The Annona Sustainable Investment Fund (ASIF) was founded in 2009 by SPF Beheer and KIT. ASIF is a Venture Capital Fund that invests in small and medium enterprises in Africa and Latin America with a view to enhancing sustainable development.

Balancing interests

Although profit is seen as a necessary condition for long term sustainability, ASIF’s holistic approach goes further than standard risk-return assessment.

ASIF takes responsibility for balancing the interests of shareholders and financiers with the sustainable development of local economies through generating employment opportunities and developing market links. Poverty alleviation remains the primary objective.

KIT advisers have assisted:

  • in the establishment of the fund
  • with pipeline management of potential investments
  • company leaders with developing bankable business plans
  • on company strategy designed to enhance positive impact on local communities, and
  • by creating impact assessments.

 Investments in practice

The fund now has a number of institutional parties among its investors and strategic co-operation agreements with banks and other funds.

By October 2013 Annona had invested in seven companies in Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ghana and Mozambique. A book was published on early lessons learned with ASIF on impact investment.