The potential of landscape approaches for addressing child labour in sustainability programmes in the cocoa sector


KIT is working with the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) to map the initiatives that have taken measures to address child labour in West Africa using a landscape, or an area-based, approach.

A landscape approach

A landscape approach in a programme is a holistic strategy that addresses complex issues by involving all the stakeholders, recognising their interdependence, and emphasising long-term collaboration and the adoption of best practices across the entire landscape. It enhances fairness, efficiency, and effectiveness by using local knowledge and increasing local ownership.

This study aims to document the effectiveness of the programmes’ coverage, thematic scope, type of interventions, coordination mechanisms, financial setup, monitoring and evaluation, and what challenges they can expect.

Evaluating Programme Effectiveness and Challenges Through Case Studies

Six case studies have been selected based on the relevance of their geographical scope, primary issue of focus, commodity of focus, availability of documents and learnings, and timeframe. These case studies are subsequently studied through desk reviews and semi-structured interviews with relevant stakeholders, using research questions that relate to the characteristics of a landscape approach.

The findings from this project will be used to inform the cocoa sector and its stakeholders, to increase the effectiveness of the programmes addressing child labour. The results are expected in the last quarter of 2023.