Prolinnova International Secretariat staff moves to KIT


KIT (Royal Tropical Institute) is pleased to welcome the Prolinnova International Secretariat, which is now hosted by its Sustainable Economic Development & Gender unit ( ).

Capacity to adapt

Prolinnova is a network that promotes local innovation processes in agriculture and NRM. It focuses on recognising the dynamics of local knowledge and enhancing capacities of farmers (including pastoralists, fishers and forest dwellers) to adjust to change – to develop their own site-appropriate systems and institutions of resource management so as to gain food security, sustain their livelihoods and safeguard the environment. The essence of sustainability lies in the capacity to adapt.


KIT staff and Prolinnova network members look forward to fruitful collaboration which will also provide a good base from which to pursue further development and strengthening of the network.

This announcement can also be found in Spanish, French and Portuguese.