An assessment of the quality of care provided at primary health care centres in camps for internally displaced persons in Iraq in 2018


M.F Khan, D Jeannetot, K.S Olleri, M.L Bakker, A.S Musani, A.R.I.A Moneim, W Hatahit, P Zwanikken

The humanitarian crisis in Iraq remains one of the largest and most unstable in the world. In 2014, over 2.5 million civilians were displaced in Iraq; between 2015 and 2017 more than 3 million people continued to be displaced. While health-related research concerning internally displaced persons (IDPs) population has been conducted in many settings, very few have looked at the quality of care delivered in primary health care centres (PHCC) inside camps.

The objective of this operational research is to assess the quality of health care services at PHCC in operational IDP camps supported by local and international NGOs (humanitarian partners) as well as the Directorate of Health (DoH) in Iraq at baseline and after 6 months.