Assessment of the social impact of GAA’s ‘Best Aquaculture Practices’ certification


F Kruijssen, J Newton, R Kuijpers, A Bah, A Rappoldt, E Nichols, R Kusumawati, D.N Nga

This report reflects the findings and recommendations of a three-year impact assessment gauging the effectiveness of the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) third-party certification program’s social and labor requirements.

The study was commissioned by the Global Aquaculture Alliance in line with recent efforts to provide support to auditors to assess compliance on the labour and social standards in BAP, and to assist aquaculture practitioners to integrate socially responsible practices into their operations, as well as the introduction of a new data system. The aim of this assessment is to better understand how BAP social and labour standards are applied and how they impact practices among producers, processors and buyers.