Child Protection Fund for National Action Plan for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Zimbabwe (CPF for NAP III) Annual Review 2017



The purpose of this project was to participate in the 2017 annual review (workshop, field visits, and reporting) of the Child Protection Fund for the National Action Plan for Vulnerable Children. The KIT staff was specifically tasked with – as not having been involved in the process so far – reviewing data and engaging in interviews and meetings with fresh eyes and an open and critical constructive mind and with a strong focus on child protection issues.


A report was prepared by the KIT staff member and shared by the Swedish Embassy in Zimbabwe with key development partners and implementers. The report had the following conclusion: The different organizations involved under leadership of UNICEF are moving ahead with the programme, and are on the right track, in spite of initial delays in contracting. Recommendations to help programme move to the next level were provided, including a level where early identification and prevention of child abuse would receive more focus and whether the child care workers cadre would be further strengthened through clarification of their roles as well as enhanced support for these roles. In addition, re-targeting exercises for Harmonized Social Cash Transfer were recommended which could help to put the relatively scarce resources to best use.

Lessons learned

The report was reviewed by the different partners and commented upon by UNICEF, as the responsible agency for coordination and implementation of the activities. Overall feedback obtained was that the observations and recommendations were appreciated and will be taken on board in the implementation of the Child Protection Fund.


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