Effective seed quality assurance


Peter Gildemacher, Wouter Kleijn, David Ndung’u, Issoufou Kapran, Jonas Yogo, Raphael Laizer, Dévote Nimpagritse, Adolphe Kadeoua, Daniel Karanja, Cyriaque Simbashizubwoba, Alexis Ntamavukiro, Oumar Niangado, Patrick Oyee, Andrew Noah Chebet, Damas Marandu, Eline Minneboo, Grace Gitu, Stephen Walsh, Sam Kugbei

Quality assurance is an important aspect of seed production and marketing. External quality assurance is often seen as the centre piece of the seed sector, and so when aiming to strengthen seed sector functioning, the automatic response is to improve seed certification systems. However, there is little evidence of well-functioning seed certification systems in sub-Saharan Africa. This paper investigates the different kinds of quality assurance mechanisms that are being used, and in which circumstances they work.