Evaluation of Philips Community Life Centres

Kenya and South Africa – Synthesis


Y van den Berg, A Granillo, L Juanola, Anke van der Kwaak, M Straetemans

Philips has been deploying Community Life Centres (CLCs) in various sub-Saharan African countries since 2014. These CLCs are primary care approach aiming to contribute to Universal Health Coverage by increasing quality of care and effective coverage of services, strengthening management and support functions and promoting community engagement. KIT Royal Tropical Institute has been asked by Philips Foundation to conduct an independent mixed-method evaluation to generate evidence regarding the effects of CLCs on access, utilization and quality of primary care services in Kenya and South Africa.

This synthesis report, presents a summative discussion on the insights gleaned from all CLCs evaluated holistically, going beyond the primary results and conclusions of the individual Kenya and South Africa country reports.