Financing seed business


Eline Minneboo, Peter Gildemacher, David Ndung'u, Issoufou Kapran, Jonas Yogo, Raphael Laizer, Dévote Nimpagritse, Adolphe Kadeoua, Daniel Karanja, Cyriaque Simbashizubwoba, Alexis Ntamavukiro, Oumar Niangado, Patrick Oyee, Andrew Noah Chebet, Damas Marandu, Stephen Walsh, Grace Gitu, Sam Kugbei

Economic growth within the agricultural sector in Africa is very much needed to enhance food security and stimulate income generation. Investments are a prerequisite for this economic growth. However, access to finance to support investments in agriculture is a major challenge. This paper aims to answer the following research question: ‘How can emerging seed producers be provided with access to credit with favourable conditions?’