Global Financing Facility



To provide a short review of the GFF – Global Financing Facility, regarding:

  1. Summary of the intended functioning of the GFF at country level
  2. Summary of the administrative setup (who is hosting, who is contributing) Including List of GFF countries and when they were identified
  3. GFF and SRHR
  4. Summary (table) of funding mobilized/committed so far (as detailed as is possible)
  5. Key contact person within different institutions involved (World Bank, Gates, Norad)
  6. Summary of any experiences/lessons learnt documented so far (if any, not sure there is)
  7. List of publications on the GFF + links to full text resources


Answer was given to the 7 questions above including a zip file with relevant publications.

Lessons learned

The GFF financing model has only started in 2015 which is too early to really list the lessons learned so far. Here some observations and some lessons learned listed in literature will be presented. In addition critical questions by the KIT advisors are presented.


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