Lessons Learned Synthesis Paper: Gender Integration and the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund


F. Wong, D. McLachlin, S. Sarapura, K. Danielsen

This paper presents an overview of main findings of perspectives and lessons on integrating efficiently and effectively gender in research and development programs. These have been gleaned from the gender synthesis of the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF) undertaken by KIT Royal Tropical Institute

in particular, this synthesis of the program addresses five main questions.

  • What have been the various approaches used to support the integration of gender in the AFS portfolio of projects at different stages of the program?
  • What has worked well and what has not worked so well? Why?
  • How do these strategies compare with what other actors in the research for development space are using?
  • What lessons can we learn from these strategies on how to meaningfully integrate gender in a portfolio of projects?
  • How can we more efficiently and effectively ensure gender integration and the use of gender transformative approaches in agriculture and food security research for development?