Making business out of low-profit seed


Peter Gildemacher, Wouter Kleijn, Grace Gitu, Adolphe Kadeoua, Issouffou Kapran, Daniel Karanja, Raphael Laizer, Damas Marandu, Eline Minneboo, David Ndung'u, Oumar Niangado, Dévote Nimpagaritse, Alexis Ntamavukiru, Cyriaque Simbashizubwoba, Stephen Walsh, Jonas Yogo, Sam Kugbei

Making a profit from seed production and marketing is clearly easier for some crops than for others. Farmers would benefit from a reliable availability of good quality seeds for crops and a continuous supply of varieties with different traits, adapted to continuously changing agro-ecological conditions and market demands. To achieve this, a functioning market with seed entrepreneurs seeking to make a profit out of seed production and marketing is needed.This paper addresses the question: ‘How can the production of crops with low profit margins on seed be turned into a business?’