Nigerian Realities: Can we ignore Traditional Leadership in developing successful CBR?


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The Hausas are the largest ethnic group in Northern Nigeria. Traditionally, Hausaland was divided into kingdoms, which were ruled by a Sarki (king or chief) (Wall, 1988). Within Hausaland, a hierarchy of different officials was present, with titles such as SarkinKasuwa (Chief of the market) or SarkinMakafi (Chief of the blind) (Onwuejeogwu, 1999). The emir of the state controls all the Sarakuna (plural of Sarki). Today, the hierarchy of traditional leaders still exists in Northern Nigeria and is influential at the local government level, especially when religious or security matters are at stake (Miles, 1987). It is however unclearwhat influence traditional leaders have on the socio-economic position of persons with disabilities.