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Obtaining insight into what key factors are influencing young people’s use of modern contraceptives in the Yes I Do implementation sites in Nampula Province, Northern Mozambique


P Baatsen, A Mandroiu, L Juanola , M Kok, Teixeira Namaita, Rogerio Almeida, Malua Anza and Ramula Issa,Meraldina Ajuai, Rosiménia Bila, Mudara dos Santos, Sheila Mário, Silva Mainato, Estael António, Filipe Zano Ana Nadine Rodrigues, Felizardo Adolfo, Anisa João Simão, Neusetia Toni Joabo Euclides Flávio and Teodósio Riquito

This document contains the findings from a study conducted in November 2019 in the implementation areas of the YES I DO programme in Northern Mozambique, namely Nampula, Rapale and Mogovalas districts. The YES I DO programme in Mozambique is part of a multi-country programme aiming to prevent child marriage and teenage pregnancy.