Public variety use agreements


Willem Heemskerk, Ivan Rwomushana, Ernest Asiedu, Jean Claude Rubyogo, Francisco Miti, Samba Traore, Hannigton Odame, Charles Lungaho, Enock Maereka, Dan Kiambi, Stephen Tindimubona, Sokona Dagnoko, Tsedeke Abate, Ronnie Vernooy, Carlo Fadda, Louise Sperling

Seed enterprises would prefer to use public varieties as exclusively as possible for marketing reasons, while the public sector would like to distribute its public good varieties to many seed enterprises.These diverging interests of the public and private sectors require agreements on how public varieties can be accessed (as early generation seed) and used (with different levels of exclusivity). This study focuses on agreements between public plant breeders/research organizations and private seed producers, and hence concentrates on public-private partnership arrangements involving the transfer of released varieties.