Sustainable procurement and waste management networks


The purpose of this project was To map current active networks on sustainable procurement and waste management in the health sector with a focus on LMICs.


The following organizations are supporting Ministers of Health in LMICs to build up their local capacity and proving technical advise for the pharmaceutical system (including procurement and waste management):

  • Management Sciences for Health, World Health Organization
  • Health-care waste management, World Health Organization Procurement
  • Prequalification program; I+Solution – universal access to Essential Medicines; HERA
  • Right to health and development; IDA Foundation; Saving Lives Sustainably; Medicines Transparency Alliance.

Organizations, mainly environmental, that work with international organizations such as WHO or UNDP to contribute with their technical expertise to develop sustainable procurement and waste management:

  • Health care without harm ; Global Environmental Facility; ETLog- Health GmbH
  • Environmental & logistical solutions for health sector; C2DS
  • Comite developpement durable santé; NIRAS


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