The TB REACH Initiative: Supporting TB Elimination Efforts in the Asia-Pacific


J Creswell, A Khan, M.I Bakker, M Brouwer, V.V Kamineni, C Mergenthaler, M Smelyanskaya, Z.Z Qin, O Ramis, R Stevens, K.S Reddy, L Blok

After many years of TB ‘control’ and incremental progress, the TB community is talking about ending the disease, yet this will only be possible with a shift in the way we approach the TB response. While the Asia-Pacific region has the highest TB burden worldwide, it also has the opportunity to lead the quest to end TB by embracing the four areas laid out in this series: using data to target hotspots, initiating active case finding, provisioning preventive TB treatment, and employing a biosocial approach. This paper presents several approaches TB REACH is taking to support its partners in the Asia-Pacific and globally to advance our collective response to end TB.