Time Trend Analysis of Tuberculosis Treatment While Using Digital Adherence Technologies

An Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis of Eleven Projects across Ten High Tuberculosis-Burden Countries


L.M de Groot, M Straetemans, N Maraba, L Jennings, M.T Gler, D Marcelo, M Mekoro, P Steenkamp, R Gavioli, A Spaulding, E Prophete, M Bury, A Banu, S Sultana, B Onjare, E Efo, J Alacapa, J Levy, M.L.L Morales, A Katamba, A Bogdanov, K Gamazina, D Kumarkul, O Ekaterina, A Cattamanchi, A Khan, M.I Bakker

Worldwide, non-adherence to tuberculosis (TB) treatment is problematic. Digital adherence technologies (DATs) offer a person-centered approach to support and monitor treatment. This paper explores adherence over time while using DATs using a meta-analysis on anonymized longitudinal adherence data for drug-susceptible TB and drug-resistant TB populations from 11 DAT projects.