The Yes I Do programme aims to contribute to a world in which adolescent girls can decide if, when and with whom to marry and have children, and are protected from female genital mutilation/ cutting (FGM/C). Child marriage and FGM/C are human rights violations and are, like teenage pregnancy, manifestations of deeply rooted gender inequality and social norms, poverty, inadequate access to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) information and services, and lack of voice amongst youth.

The baseline is an integral part of the research component of Yes I Do. It gives insight into the current situation of child marriage, teenage pregnancy and FGM/C in the seven countries. The baseline studies were conducted in 2016. The findings are crucial for all Yes I Do Alliance partners, to be able to base interventions on context-specific evidence. This will facilitate the prevention and mitigation of child marriage, teenage pregnancies and FGM/C. It will also assist in reflecting on the assumptions of the Yes I Do theory of change. After having conducted an end-line in 2020, we will be able to reflect on the role and impact of Yes I Do