Safe Abortion

KIT works with medical societies, networks of health professionals, universities, (international) NGOs, governments and funders to ensure that programmes, policies and debates around safe abortion are evidence-informed and embedded in a rights-based approach. We also develop and provide trainings and resources on abortion for health professionals and other actors working on the advancement of sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

Our Approach

We work from a public health and human rights approach in line with the World Health Organization’s international guidelines on abortion care and the key human rights standards on abortion. We adapt our work and approaches to the social and political context of each country, including the existing national regulatory frameworks.

Our focus areas:

  • Quality comprehensive abortion care services (including safe abortion and post abortion care)
  • Self-managed medication abortion
  • Laws and policies around abortion
  • Advocacy for safe and legal abortion
  • Our work:

  • Conducting research on safe abortion-related topics
  • Developing and providing courses and tailor made trainings for health professionals and organizations on safe abortion
  • Guiding medical faculties in integrating safe abortion in the medical curricula
  • Supporting medical societies in strengthening their position as leaders in abortion public and political debates
  • Designing, monitoring and evaluating programmes and projects on safe abortion
  • Advising governments and funders on strategies and policies around safe abortion.
  • Our Projects


  • Poster presentation at the FIAPAC (International Federation of Abortion and Contraception Professionals). September 2022. Riga, Latvia.
  • Webinar on the role of healthcare providers in expanding legal abortion. KIT and Share-Net International. September 2022.
  • Presentation at the International Conference for Family Planning on the specific role of healthcare providers in expanding the legal grounds for safe abortion in three settings that have recently liberalised their abortion laws (Argentina, Ireland and South Korea). 14-17 November, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Resources

  • Discursive toolkit to promote access to sexual and reproductive health services, including comprehensive abortion care
  • Community of practice on safe abortion and contraception, Share-Net International
  • Our Experts

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    Irene de Vries

    Advisor SRHR, Maternal and Newborn Care

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    Ophelia Chatterjee

    SRHR Advisor