SDG Action Day – The Future is Close


25th of September 2018

You don’t need the capital of Bill Gates or the influence of Jane Goodall to change the world. No, everyone can join in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 17 world goals to turn today’s greatest challenges into opportunities for everyone. Whether you are familiar with the SDGs or it’s new to you, everyone who wants to follow through with his or her SDG-ambitions, is welcome on the SDG Action Day on September 25th at the KIT / SDG-house in Amsterdam.

What’s the plan?

Together with 450 other pioneers, entrepreneurs and visionaries, we will convert great ideas into daily practice. Be inspired by leaders who show you alternative ways, and choose two in-depth workshops suiting your interests. Get started with a group of passionate people from the business community, from municipalities, social organizations and knowledge institutions. From gender equality to Global Goals municipalities and from block chain to soil quality, there is something in it for everyone.

What do I get in return?

Think of new business opportunities for your company or organisation, unexpected encounters, practical tools that you can use tomorrow, and a better understanding of where we stand and what you can do to achieve the SDGs together. The SDG Action Day is not a single event, but a stopover on the road to 2030: the year in which the SDGs must be achieved.

Practical Information

When:               25th of September, 9:15am-5.30pm

When:               KIT/SDG-house, Mauritskade 63, Amsterdam

Program:          Available via SDG Gateway

Entrance Fee: 40 euros, tickets via Eventbrite

SDG Action Day is an initiative of SDG Charter, KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Municipality of Amsterdam and NCDO.