SDG House

The SDG House, at the Royal Tropical Institute hosts a diverse range of forward-thinking entrepreneurs, NGOs and organisations all working towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through partnerships, co-creation and the exchange of ideas, we aim to maximise our collective impact.

The SDG House offers a unique environment for companies, organisations and individuals working towards sustainable development to identify synergies, create solution partnerships, and stimulate knowledge development. The SDG House brings together the different partners in development, acts as a catalyst for SDG initiatives, and provides a meeting place for people and organisations who are interested in and affiliated with the 2030 Agenda. We are convinced that the SDGs can only be realised with a strong commitment to partnership and cooperation.

We Are the SDG House

The SDG House community is open and committed to working closely with similar initiatives, internationally and in the Netherlands. By 2017, a total of 48 innovative social entrepreneurs and organisations working on sustainability and international development had set up office within the KIT building. They include the SDG Charter, Human Cities Coalition, Worldconnectors. Transparency International, Fairfood, the Female Health Company, De Groene Grachten, B Corp Europe and De Gezonde Stad, among others. In 2017 we also began hosting Amsterdam’s ‘Impact Hub’, a network of collaborators focused on making a positive impact in our world.

Launch during the SDG Impact Summit

The SDG House was launched two years after the adoption of the SDGs by the United Nation, at an SDG Impact Summit ‎held by KIT on September 25. The  SDG Summit was an initiative of KIT Royal Tropical Institute, theMaatschappelijke Alliantie, the SDG Charter, the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition and Worldconnector, and provides an example of how we envision the SDG House will work moving forward: by working closely together, we can magnify our impact.

Kofi Annan paves sidewalk for the Sustainable Development Goals in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam boasts the world’s first sidewalk for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Kofi Annan laid the first stone.

The SDG sidewalk, which was officially inaugurated on 25 September 2017, the 2nd anniversary of the SDGs, leads to the entrance of the SDG House, a centre for sustainability research, entrepreneurship and SDG agenda-setting at KIT Royal Tropical Institute. Kofi Annan placed the first of the 17 SDG tiles in the sidewalk, when he and his wife Nane Annan visited the Institute earlier this month.