SDGs In-Focus with Katrine Danielsen

SDGs In-Focus

In this episode, Katrine talks about the cross-cutting nature of SDG 5 (Gender Equality) and the state of women’s rights in the mining sector. Katrine is a gender advisor at KIT Royal Tropical Institute.

Why gender matters in the mining world

All over the world, mineral production and mineral supply chains are recognised for their potential to catalyse economic growth and spur development. A growing body of evidence, however, suggests that current mining policy and practice can actually worsen gender inequalities if gender concerns are not adequately considered. Although every site, community and context is unique, every facet of the mining sector differently impacts and benefits women and men. These gender differences can be found at all levels, from production sites, in mining-affected communities, in local and national economies, upwards across mineral supply chains and in all institutions involved – from government offices and company boardrooms to mine sites and households.

KIT is supporting the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take a global leadership on gender equality integration in the mining sector. Learn more about this project.