About us

In low and medium income countries agriculture is a key sector for economic development providing people with food and income. Even when economies are growing, parts of the population may still not have enough nutritious food to eat. To make agricultural development really inclusive, you need supportive policies but also strong civil society organisations and an engaged private sector, all working together.

There are many good intentions, but how to translate these into real impact?


KIT Sustainable Economic Development is an international team with the knowledge and expertise to inform and advice on sustainable local economic development, with a focus on agricultural innovation, land governance and food value chains. Involvement of farmers and their organisations as active stakeholders in this process is key.

Our team shapes collaboration between private and public sector, designs novel initiatives and coaches clients to make them successful, facilitates learning, documents experiences and publishes good practices.

Independent and co-creation

KIT Sustainable Economic Development also acts as an independent third party to ensure delivery against development goals, assess and measure impact of programs to inform funders, shareholders and the larger public.

Customers appreciate to co-create solutions that improve their performance.

Together, we increase people’s access to healthy food.