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Addressing Land Governance in International Responsible Business Conduct Agreements

Status: Complete

Duration: July 2017 - February 2018

This KIT report – commissioned by the Land Dialogue – provides insight into a fundamental issue affecting large parts of the globe: land governance. Detailed focus is given to land...

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Fodder seeds: empowering women and closing gaps in Afghanistan

Status: Ongoing

Duration: January 2014 - October 2018

How can fodder gaps in the water constrained provinces of Baghlan and Nangarhar in Afghanistan be reduced? What are the links between women’s empowerment and sustainable fodder production systems? These...

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Understanding Agribusiness Based Advisory Services (ABAS): Findings of a learning trajectory

Status: Completed

Duration: September 2017 – June 2018

In many developing countries, agribusinesses are highly engaged in providing services to small-scale farmers, including agricultural advisory or extension services. Yet, this phenomenon of agribusiness-based advisory services (ABAS) has received little attention...

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Communal Approach for the Agricultural Market – Phase 2 – ACMA 2



The ACMA 2 Program will contribute to improving the food and nutritional security of rural populations in Benin. The overall objective is to increase the agricultural incomes of the economic actors at the local level.

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