Focus group. Photo by Roger Bymolt.

Impact assessment

An impact assessment makes the social and economic value of your activities clear. Our partners are globally operating companies, government agencies and non-governmental organisations who use our impact assessments to become more transparent, accountable and effective.

Extending accountability

Assessments provide external benefits by providing clarity in communications to supporters and funders. Internally, impact assessments aid the efficient allocation of resources by evaluating overall impact, and draw lessons from past performance.

Governments, non-profit organisations, and businesses are often required to demonstrate accountability through socio-economic valuation of their activities. However, making accurate assessments of impact is not easy. This is because the impact that is being measured is often not easily captured by statistics. How, for example, do you capture how the quality of life of an individual or the well-being of a community has improved? This is what we consider as ‘impact’.

Customised approach

With our extensive experience in the field of impact assessment, we work with the most advanced evaluation methods and tools available. Our methods are continually being refined, and our partners rely on us to bring clarity and quantify impact.

We do not simply look for what has occurred, but dig deeper to find out why. We examine the causes behind the measured changes, and our evaluations provide insights into what works and what does not, and for who.

Our methods

KIT SED employs both qualitative and quantitative methods to assess a given intervention. Where necessary, we include the skills and expertise of other KIT departments, and we adapt the tools we use to the requirements of the context. We work to the globally accepted OECD DAC principles of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability.

Impact assessment and the quest for the holy grail

Download: Impact assessment and the quest for the holy grail

Uses of impact assessments:

  • Provide your donor or investor with evidence of socio-economic impact;
  • Contribute to improved fact-based due diligence processes;
  • Assist businesses with supplier/ client level strategic information;
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting;
  • Capability development in-business in M&E and impact assessment.

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