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Project support services

Project support combines different forms of assistance, tailor-made to ensure that our partners get the best from their projects.

Some examples of support that KIT offers are:

  • co-design of projects and programmes
  • on-the-job coaching
  • expert input on specific topics during training and workshops
  • intensive monitoring of ongoing projects
  • joint reflection and evaluation

Our partners are international development (government and non-governmental) organisations and companies, including research institutes. All of them work on issues related to sustainable economic and social development, and gender equity. We support them to design and manage their projects better by bringing the most recent insights from theory and practice in an action- and results-oriented way. We also support our clients to reflect and draw lessons from ongoing and previous experiences, so they have bigger impact.

Content and process

The combination of our content expertise and process-related skills not only leads to better projects, it also builds competencies in project design, implementation and management.

Your people are your greatest resource. Their involvement in design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation contributes to organisational learning and growth. While providing support services, we build on clients’ own resources and knowledge, mission and values. We make sure our advice is aligned with existing initiatives, has policy relevance, and is adapted to the local context.

Our tailor-made approach

With extensive experience and practical involvement in projects and programmes worldwide, we can tailor our support to your needs, the context you are working in and the partners you are working with.

We build on past experiences and lessons, learned from both your own projects and programmes and those of other leading organisations. We can help you engage your partners and other actors in the project design, implementation and other phases in the project cycle in a meaningful way. We can assist in making projects more inclusive by design, addressing the needs of different groups of people, including women. Our approach is practical and based on action learning.

Our support

Project and programme design: we support the formulation of programmes and the designs of projects, in a participatory way. This means we tap different sources of knowledge and information, including staff, partners and other stakeholders as well as reviewing documents, doing additional research if necessary.

We help our partners reflect on their assumptions, and identify the most appropriate theory of change or impact pathways. In doing so, we build on the most recent academic work and our years of practical involvement in programmes and projects worldwide.

Baseline studies: We assist in conducting or designing baselines studies, informing the final design and implementation of programmes and projects. We tailor our approach but always use mixed methods. Above all, we are focused on ensuring that qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis is both practical and manageable.

Design of monitoring and evaluation systems: We assist in designing the most appropriate  monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for each project or programme. We balance different M&E objectives, including accountability, adaptive project management as well as learning. This leads to comprehensive and practical M&E systems. Participation in design and implementation are key values in our work.

Reviews and evaluations: Our learning- and use-oriented approach to project review and evaluations provides recommendations for practitioners, managers and policy makers. We adapt our methods to the complexity of the project and the needs of each organisation and project, while adhering to our position as an objective evaluator. We therefore take a critical yet constructive standpoint.

Implementation backstopping: We support clients and partners in implementing their projects by often serving as a ‘sounding board’. We analyse project implementation and provide advice and coaching into implementing key changes or new ideas. We make sure that ideas implemented – and the process of doing so – are well documented and feedback into further analysis and reflection within the organisation.

How can we help?

We are available to guide and support the design and implementation of your projects. Contact us to see the ways in which can help.