Sharing knowledge

Knowledge sharing uses in-house learning and intellectual capital to support organisational growth. KIT can help you turn valuable field experience into documented knowledge, building new skills and expertise in the process.

The power of knowledge sharing

Sharing practical knowledge not only develops internal capacity – it also raises the profile of an organisation. Knowledge management means the experience of staff and partners are amplified and gain traction.

Your people are your greatest resource, so tapping into their practical experience and systematising organisational learning is invaluable.

Our tailor-made approach

We use our extensive experience to tailor the process and end product to the needs of our partner. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to systematise the specific experiences of our partners. This depends on the end product envisioned, the budget, the intended audience and the people whose knowledge we need to draw out.

We make sense of practical experiences by putting them in a broader context. We do not focus on success stories alone: we look at what can be learned from what has actually happened. Sometimes the richest learning comes from failure.

Your message will then be adjusted to meet the needs of your audience (e.g. corporate, academic, policy, practitioners).

Our partners are globally significant international development and non-governmental organisations, companies and government agencies, including research institutes.

Our methods

Writeshops: One of our most innovative methods is using a writing workshop – ‘a writeshop’ – where the knowledge people have gained from real-life experience is written down and situated within a broader conceptual framework. The final product can take the form of a book, a report, or scientific articles.

Comparative case studies: We conduct research with relevant partners to find out what works and what does not, and we analyse why. Workshops disseminate the learning.

In-depth studies: Intensive field work allows the collection of more quantitative and qualitative data for systematic analysis. We are at the cutting edge of using new tools (e.g. tablets for surveys) to minimise anomalies and enrich the data collected as well as being more efficient.

Communication products: We co-produce books, reports, short films, and create websites and other educational materials according to your needs.

Contact us and we can guide and support your knowledge management processes.