Impact assessment

Strengthen performance

As a knowledge institute, KIT compiles, analyses and develops new knowledge on sustainable agricultural development and gender, but also supports others in making active use of such knowledge. These experiences enable our advisors to navigate sustainable change processes and identify elements that can make a difference in organisational performance. Over the years KIT has developed excellent facilitation skills to support organisations and businesses to learn from their experiences and improve practice.

Realising sustainable change

Social and economic sustainability, inclusion, and gender equity are high on the agendas of both public and private organisations globally – often leading to positive business as well as sustainable outcomes. But too often, organisations have difficulty in putting such concepts into meaningful practice. We help these partners engage with these issues effectively and efficiently.

Customised approach

Offering a pragmatic viewpoint, we pose the “right” questions to stimulate enhanced organisational performance. We focus on drawing out the perspectives and real-life experience of staff and clients and use that as a starting point. On that foundation, we bring KIT advisors know-how on agricultural, social and (local) economic development, sustainable business and gender equity from years of experience in Africa, Latin America and Asia. KIT’s wealth of experience in facilitating learning amongst diverse groups of people from all over the world – from small-scale, illiterate female farmers in remote villages in Africa to public-private-partnership meetings with CEOs from the Western food industry – makes us a trustworthy and capable partner.

Our methods

We believe that the best way to improve an organisation’s performances is to learn together at all levels, from management and board level down to implementation. We support internal reflection and analysis, which in turn leads to concrete suggestions on how the organisation and its projects need to transform in order to tackle issues or make use of opportunities.

KIT works with our partners to identify and map constraints as well as opportunities for improvement. These are different for every organisation, so a tailor-made approach is always required. We often co-design pilot projects as learning ground for further organisation-wide changes.

Amongst our customers are donor organisations, international NGOs, higher educational organisations as well as private companies and industry organisations.

Some examples of KIT work on improving organisational performance:

  • Support in establishing and improving the performance of maize and wheat innovation platforms within the maize CRP of CIMMYT
  • Analysing and guiding a learning process amongst the initiators (national agricultural research institutes) of cassava and maize innovation platforms in west and central Africa (DONATA)
  • Advising and coaching stakeholders on gender and land rights issues in Uganda
  • Facilitating change towards more gender sensitive cocoa trade with the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)
  • Facilitating internal learning of the World Food Program (WFP) on sustainable procurement (P4P)
  • Facilitating the development of making spice trade more sustainable with the spice industry and spice companies